Great piece and great to see you back writing!

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Great pickup on this topic!

Not only is it a metabolic problem for "the brain", but the metabolism and even MUSCLES themselves, are essential for our brain health. I can only recommend you (and your wife who is doing amazing work clearly!) look up "myokines" and their multitude of effects - although you probably already have been looking or heard of e.g. BDNF.

It is a shame that we have this problem, where all the power of medical recommendations lie with the GP/doctors. I personally and professionally think this is rather dumb, thus I cannot quite agree with your final conclusion.

What I think needs to be normalised is the fact that there are extremely highly qualified exercise experts, who can help literally any specific and clinical case. Exercise and sport scientists or kinesiologists just know so much more (in theory and practice!) then any doctor. Obviously, I am somewhat defending my profession here, so I will be biased. I am fully aware that there are many great doctors, psychologist etc. (like your wife!) out there who understand some of the exercise basics.

Another good in this direction is Dr Amen and his "BRIGHT MINDS" approach to brain health. I just love his attitude of "you cannot treat what you cannot see", and how he then build this approach.

Thank you for reminding me about the depth of significance for exercise!

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Great to see you writing again, loved this piece!

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